My Trabi takes me places!

My Trabi takes me places!

I can’t say I’m addicted to Videojug but I’m now learning how to care for giant African land snails.

After all the crying and quoting, what I really miss about Steve Jobs is how he rocked the turtleneck.

Desmond Tutu is an archbishop who doesn’t skirt around controversial issues.

If you frequently get out of bed in the middle of the night, it may be time to go home.

RT @Avepates: People who like long walks on the beach are more often than not, prone to murdering whoever it is who accompanies them on …

Bacon is the MSG of western cuisine.

I’ve been told not to carry coals to Newcastle so I’m now wondering if it’s a good idea to bring my dictionary to Oxford.

Using Twitter as an escape is like successfully deploying the parachute from your ejection seat and landing into an alligator infested lake.

Celebrity chefs autograph plates in order to create signature dishes.